My heart beats for life itself. To keep all kinds of scum and desperate greed at bay. For a bit of decency and honesty between people. For a future full of life with endless possibilities and experiences². For a world where people thrive and dare trust each other and themselves. For new winds that will bring us forward and fill us with hope and the will to build new bridges - bridges that will last longer than a pretty photograph and bring us closer, together, to where we come from and what we already have.

My heart beats for the sun, the moon and all the stars, because they remind me that life is bigger than the here and now. The birds and the bees because they live their lives without regard to their friends' profile on facebook - because they just are who they are and get the best out of it.

My heart beats because I'm happy for every moment. Because I believe in a better day tomorrow and an even better day after that. Because life is what you make of it, no matter where you are at and because we still have so much to achieve.

My heart beats. Over and over again. And hope lives.