You flashed before my eyes.
Again, just a glimpse.
Like a feather, with the weight of life.
I stalled. I wondered.
What does it mean?

A swoosh of longing.
I can't think.
Your light is still in my eyes.
The stubborn silhouette, refusing to dim.
Just do what?

You might be a witch for all I know.
In hiding.
Thank God for all the witches.
And the places to hide.
Did you fall on purpose?

It is blurry. So am I.
There is more to reason than rationale.
More to you than pretty smiles.
Perhaps I shouldn't ask.
Is there more to me?

There is a void. Inside me.
I meant to catch you.
There is so much I mean to do.
And I still wonder.
Why do you flash before my eyes?