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  • Refuge and die-hard habits


    On rare occasions, but as often as possible, I pack my refuge gear – my computer, my slightly larger than travel size orange juicer and my swim shorts – and I head of to Agaete on Gran Canaria.

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    Change is coming. Soon.


    We get older. We gain new perspective. We have positive individual experiences. We collect more faaantastic stuff. We probably feel a bit richer in one way or another and all of this may leave us with the impression that things are generally getting better. That life is easier. But it isn't.

  • Bewildered


    You flashed before my eyes.
    Again, just a glimpse.
    Like a feather, with the weight of life.
    I stalled. I wondered.
    What does it mean?

  • Exile: Gran Canaria


    I have been in exile for the previous 5 weeks in an attempt to create the optimal atmosphere for philosophizing, reflecting and writing. I very consciously removed myself from the routines of everyday life, with the exception of the occasional grocery-shopping and cooking my daily meals. Aside from those bare necessities, I have been sitting in my chair or lying in the hammock with my computer non-stop for 5 weeks.

  • Questioning the Phillipines


    You can't be too obsessed with details out here. In fact, details doesn't appear to exist. If you order an omelet and get a sunny side up fried egg, just roll with it or prepare to wait another two hours to get an eggnog. You ordered something with egg, you got something with egg, you should be happy.