I'm plain as a pancake and odd like Nutella. I think it is a good combination, but admittedly I am not diet material. Don't scrape, it won't help. I am like that.

I am a part time revolutionary. I spend the other part serving the system I revolt against. Ironically it's expensive to be a revolutionary nowadays. Surely, one day this will lead to a breakdown. I wonder who will win.

I am a ideologist. I think someone has to be in order to save ourselves from reaching the end of our current path. It is closing in fast, but I have some ideas.

I am a coder. I am an expert within logic, numbers and connecting the dots. It's not random, it just looks random. I may suck at many things, but not this.

I am a writer. I love the process of writing, the in-depth reflection as well as the surprising result of letting the words flow.

I challenge conventions in search for better alternatives. Too many rules are blindly accepted, even years after they have outlived themselves. I am uncompromisingly focused on my personal goals. They involve rethinking every aspect of our society, challenging every norm and finally providing a credible and achievable alternative to our current way of living.

I'm trying to do right. Grasping the big picture. Being a good father. Thinking ahead, while being right here, right now. I walk, eat ice cream in the rain and hold her hand in mine, because the simple things, help make sense of it all. I explore random combinations of green, seemingly plain holes in the ground and find beauty in all this earth is giving us.

I scream at the sky, when overwhelmed by the injustice of this world. It happens too often to ignore, and it is being ignored too often to bare. What the fk is wrong with you people. I am fighting back.

I dream of things I can’t entirely explain.
I feel an urge to make this world a better place.
I contain solutions I cannot yet imagine.
I believe everything and everyone is connected.
I fear the ignorance that threatens to end everything.

But ...

I envision global peace and unity.

And ...

I love life.

If you think I am full of shit, look in the mirror. Get a job. One you like. Stop being a fucking ant.

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