I live to allow myself the risk of being hurt.
By my standards it is a risk worth taking.

Some will call me crazy.
And they are right to.
I am.
Out of their control,
still in control.

It it my choices to make.

Allowing myself to flow.
To see what happens.
Follow the leads of life,
and respect the signs.

Attentive to the improbable,
they are the hints within chaos.
Letting the dots connect.
Astonished with the ever expanding extend of my understanding,
and love.

I accept the challenges with perseverance,
fearless and foolish.
Embrace new understanding and truth,
even when it cuts through my heart.

Everything for the right reasons.

Stepping into the unknown.
Eyes, heart and soul wide open, receptive.
Every step with uncertainty,
and strong conviction.

I will never give up,
and still admit when I have lost.

Loosing is not as bad,
as dying with out trying.