Surely something is trying to show us something. It is undeniable! Just look at the signs. They are everywhere. And even when it is right in front of us, written in flashing big red capital letters, sometimes we still doubt it. We have been taught to doubt when something seems to good to be true.

We were flowing and the streams of immense energy were gathered to take us on a journey into another dimension. And with eyes turned to each-other, we surrendered in amazement. We knew. Everything.


Before doubt set in we had no option but to flow. The problem is, that eventually doubt will force its way in and on that day, you may think that you have put yourself in a place where you cannot allow yourself to keep flowing. Because of fear, confusion, doubt and even plain responsibilities. And all of these things are as real as the flow though born out of chaos instead of peace. At that point you have to choose your path carefully. It will have consequences for the rest of your life.

So listen to your heart and your heart alone. Trust it. It carries the shared wisdom and requires only courage. It is your heart and It will not lead you astray.