In the midst of sitting inside, working and sweating, while I should be outside, enjoying the wonderful Spanish summer, the light breeze on the beach and the warm and refreshing ocean, I just barely find the time to reflect upon what happened and why I am here.

Then I am reading some weeks-old mail, just to relieve me of the guilty conscience and among the many I find one that reminds me of some important aspects of my situation.

And not only did Kim remind me of some important aspects of my situation but also of some important aspects of my reasons and my past. And so I remember that I left Denmark and took my life out of the chokehold of corporate power. I put it into my own hands, put it on a boat and sailed it far away without knowing what I was doing ... except for making it difficult to end up in the chokehold again.

And now, with my own life in my own hands I work as much as before - only difference is I don't go to bed wishing I could change things.

There is something completely wrong with this picture.