I have been thinking more about the whole time traveling issue and I found one unattended loose end. Its simplicity cries out and actually this could be a challenge as well as a solution. Maybe I am completely wrong about this but you know I'll tell you about it anyway.

For the duration of about a month, I changed my day and night rhythm upside down. I was working on too many projects and I have always found it more productive to work at night. I have made some theories on the energy level earlier but that is not what this is about.

After about two weeks of going to bed around six in the morning and waking up around two in the afternoon, I had become extremely comfortable with the pattern, and since I was going to the US two weeks later I found it quite appropriate to continue this pattern since I figured that it would remove any trace of jetlag as my new pattern would fit perfectly with the time zone of the US East coast.

And so I went and to my surprise I was hit by enormous fatigue even though I didn't even look at a watch. 

Jetlag! But why?

I didn't change my day and night pattern, I only changed the time zone ... and I guess one might say, I traveled just a tiny itsy-bitsy little bit in time, especially if you take into considerations the experiments done with atom clocks in airplanes. Long distance high velocity traveling is actually a form of timetraveling.

Anyhow, so what would happen if we traveled six years back in time? Would we experience a jetlag so enormous it would render us paralyzed with fatigue for many years. Maybe, and in that case it would make time traveling back in time impossible, simply because we would spend more time recovering from the travel than we had gained by traveling.

On the other hand the problem with interfering with the past is solved. You would just simply be too tired to change anything ... but then again I hear they are working on some pills to fix the jetlag trouble and maybe we can just add some more of those wonderful chemicals to our body and in the end we can achieve a mental frenzy in which we can really screw things up.

It's just a thought :)