This afternoon we went to a huge construction fair in Barcelona looking at computer-controlled-houses/domestic-computer-integration/smart-homes/call-it-what-you-want and it leaves me with some questions.

Why is the available technology NOT being used from day one to optimize these systems? Why does the computer interfaces to homes have to look like shit, when their 3D demo at the stand looks great? Why does NOT all new remote-controlled products support bluetooth? Why are lightswitches so big in Spain, when Spanish people have the same size fingers as everybody else? When I can open the windows of my house by sending a SMS, what happens if somebody steals my phone? Why did only frontend developers learn anything from the browser war?

I want complete integration through one open standard, through which development is completely backwards compatible.

I want to be able to use my mobilephone as a remote control for everything in my house; stereo/TV++, aircondition, heat, windows, lights, alarm, spa, garage, girlfriends mood and all home appliances.

I want a simple auto-software-install-system, that automatically gives me an interface to all available products near me, given authorisation.

I want to be able to turn down the volume of the stereo and the gas on the stove at the same time as I pick up the phone.

I want an oven with an integrated frezer/fridge so I can put the chicken in the oven in the morning, and start cooking it when I am 30 minutes from home and I don't want it to be a problem if I decide to go out for dinner.

I want simple things like the nametag on my door to be a touchscreen panel so people can leave me a message when I am not at home and I want to be able to read the messages through my phone anywhere in the world.

I want easy integration and total integration, I don't want cables and I want it now!

Why don't I see any of these things on a gigantic fair suposedly promoting the technology of the future?