Norway. Tonight. Ohh, the terror.

Just to clarify: I'm horrified by what happened in Norway tonight. I feel deeply with anyone involved or related to anyone involved. It is unsetteling that our planet and more particularly its population needs to bare with such meaningless tragedies. I shiver.


I try to keep perspective. Try not to jump to conclusions. Try to see a bigger picture, knowing I may also be led astray by my own convictions. All risks aside, here are my thoughts.

I read the first breaking news this afternoon. Confirmation of a bomb in a building, housing Norways primeministers office in Oslo’s "power"-district. "Ok", I think, wondering. Norway is far from the obvious terrorist target, if you go with the terrorist=islamist approach, which is what the media and the masses tend to do. And they did. Even the terrorist-"experts" went this way. This onetracked response system always gets me in defence and I start thinking why, how, who and what? In my opinion, the current state of the world provides for a much wider range of suspects and I think this range needs considering.

First up, I got the impression of a bomb in the building. Now which stupid fucking terrorist would risk penetrating security in a government building, packed with explosives, just to blow up an almost empty building? Sounds off track. One might think Libya, but Norway just decided to withdraw from the war on Libya by august 1st. Doesn't make much sense.

Shortly after, news breaks about shootings on a nearby island, hosting a political youth camp for the labor movement. Someone in a police uniform on a killing spree. One thing comes to my mind: Media decoy! Wrong target for regular terrorists. These leftwing activists should be his friends, his buddies, his only hope for the future. No way, and no way a coincidence that the shooting happens just now.

And shortly hereafter we start getting mixed information. Car bomb. 2 bombs or maybe just one. An islamic group claiming responsibility. Terrorist, terrorist, terrorist. Ground shaking like an earthquake, blocks away. Buildings torn apart. Shooter from island spotted near building in brown van. Possibly right wing extremists. Maybe even a mad man.

By now they have caught a guy from the island. He is Norwegian. Blond.

All of this leaves me with a whole bunch of questions.

For one, who will gain from this action? Who will benefit (make profits) in the aftermath?

And how was the shooter arrested? Did he just turn himself in? Really?

Car bomb that shakes the ground like an earthquake and tears buildings apart? What, was it parked in the reception? Ok, maybe I don’t have enough experience with car bombs.

How did they, in about an hours time, conclude it was a bomb? No accident? During panic and complete chaos, they know this? Really? Shit, they are well organized in Norway.

If in fact it was a terrorist act, by islamist or a mad man - obviously the responsible had gathered quite a lot of illegal explosives. Why waste it on scaring a few tourists in the holiday season? Why not cause some actual damage? Why not wait a few weeks and blow it in a fully crowded street? Oh, they wanted to get some tourists to broaden the fear? Then they shouldn’t have done it in the office part of town. Much better chance for casualties elsewhere in Oslo. Something is not adding up.

Details of the terrorist will be release at a later time. For safety reasons. Whose safety? Why are they keeping information from us? Are they afraid accomplices of the crime can use this secret information? They already know more than anyone else, so what is the point?

And why, why, why seek out the labor movement?

My conclusion:

No islamists involved. If they pick up any during the following days it will all be smokescreen.

Mad man? Very, very wellorganised mad man. Good plan, long execution. Make bomb, plant bomb, drive to island, start shooting. Mad man who apparently appears trustworthy and interacts with his victims on the island, as he reportedly claimed to perform security inspections and called in his first victims before killing them. Mad man, maybe … but I doubt it. Psychopath maybe, but then again … they tend to look out for themselves.

Right wing extremists? Almost too obvious. Shooting at the youth of the labor movement doesn't benefit their agenda to make us all fear the Muslims, but it sure weakens their opposition.

Right wing money? Not unlikely. They have everything to win. Stay in the war with Libya and keep the oil prices up, makes Norway ease through the financial crisis. Increased surveillance. Control the people. Makes it much easier to keep the balance of power. Right wing Norway could be clapping their tiny, greasy hands by now - they needed this to keep the ball rolling. This blends into the false flag theories already spreading.

False flag? The flag got all messed up with the shooting on the island. And so that leads me back to two separate incidents. One feeding off the other. Well, we’ll need to know more about the shooter to go deeper into that. I could go with the false flag, if the island shooting was just a media decoy. A way of making a lot of noise, so the facts become harder to find in the aftermath. Surely a good decoy it would be, and less than 20 deaths (reported so far) is a low price for power.

Well … by now, all I am certain of, is that this is more than it seems. It will be interesting to see what they consider safe for public knowledge over the next days. Probably some details are faded out to paint the required/desired picture. Some of the things we've learned today will be forgotten completely by the media. Just like the multiple explosions in the twin towers. Remember, the media doesn’t question things, they just report what they are told. All information over the next days will be filtered and manipulated. There will be a message for the public, and in that message we will be able to find the answers - not in the words, but in between the lines.

And a final note on mass psychosis. If you think this could happen here, remember you don’t even know what happened. You have no clue. Unless you are in on it. Don’t grab the first straw you find. Be critical. If you fear islamist teorism, remember we are terrorists in their eyes. Don’t fear everyone just because of someone. It is unbalanced.