So we had an election in Russia. Following the little spoken-of election in Azerbaijan and the somewhat more spoken-of election in Georgia, this time the matter is Russia and that gives the issue a new dimension of importance.

At the moment I have access to CNN and BBC World and it is quite interesting to see what they choose to focus on. In some areas I am positively impressed I have to say, but only in very few and mostly in regards to the BBC.

CNN is at the moment extremely focused on what impact the Russian election will have on business. Yeah ... fuck the people ... as long as business is still good. Also they are calling the result distorted, debating whether it is living up to international standards. HA!

NOW LISTEN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. Compared to the elections in Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Russian election is the most sober election you would ever get in the country that invented vodka. Ohh yes, the campaign leading up to the election was uneven and the United Russia, the party backing Putin, dominated the scene. And it was difficult for the smaller parties to be heard. But besides the fact, that they did NOT have problems counting the votes, this bares a ugly resemblance to the big two party system in the USA.

I find it ok to point out the problem but I'm just getting so fucking tired of this hypocrisy. The self-image of the USA is so obvious ridiculously derranged.

By the way CNN is currently running a self-promoting spot, in which they claim that the average keyboard has 110 keys (I don't think so) ... and then, by god, they claim we only need 3??? really??? 3??? For what?

I think maybe it is time for CNN to take a break. Yes, CNN ... go take a break, I'm giving you the week off, and then let's meet on Monday and talk it over ...