Just realized that I have no Idea about what is going on in the world around me. I haven't watched the news in 4 months and I don't listen to
the radio. Occasionally I get a link from somebody about something crazy that is going on but that's it. So I went surfing.

On politiken.dk tonight.

In 1998 it was discovered that al-Qaeda were probably connected to Danish citizens. Hmmm ... in 1998?

First of all I am amazed that it can be a surprise to anyone and secondly I am amazed that anyone is trying to make news of a discovery from 1998. The poor guy, who has a foreign sounding name, is now sentenced to death in Casablanca ... can't we just leave it at that? Do we have to stir up the suspicion against foreign looking people. They are not daytime-smiling-smallshop-owners/nighttime-international-terrorists ... but Mr. and Mrs. Denmark are likely to believe that.