So blondie turns out to be a Christian Norwegian nationalist with a gun license. Also a freemason it seems, and I guess it is high time the freemasons are recognized as a terrorist organization. They should definitely be on "the list". He is also a farmer and nobody pays any attention when a farmer goes and buys 6 tons of fertilizer. Oh a bomb ... no, no, it's for my fields. It's all natural, and just goes to show, that regardless of our efforts to hinder attacks, we will never succeed.

So far I was right about a decoy. Only I got the events mixed up. Now the death toll from the island is closing in on 90 and it is evident the island shooting was the primary objective. The bomb in Oslo was the decoy giving him a head start on the small and unescapable island, where the blossom of the left wing had conveniently gathered. It is actually pretty clever if you are set on doing maximum damage. And he was when it came to the island. He wasn't really planning for a lot of casualties in the city - perhaps he really didn't want to hurt the "innocent" bystanders?

But questions remain. What makes someone go this far? Why is nothing holding him back? Life, family, friends? Was he in trouble? Maybe broke and lonely with nothing left to loose? I'd like to get more of an insight into his life. What was his financial situation? What kind of family does he come from? Who had hurt him so bad to make him so vengeful?

In perspective he sacrificed himself for his cause. Not unlike suicide bombers. Only he is not dead. He is looking at a maximum penalty of 21 years in a Norwegian prison. If you don't have anything else going for you, it's not that bad. It is like a 21 year paid vacation in losercamp. Not a high price for killing 100 people and surely becoming a hero for the extreme right. He is set for life - will probably write a bestseller or two. In a bad enough situation it makes for a perfect plan.

So, the war is on. Who will be the next to sacrifice themselves in this senseless battle of fear, where fear is the only real terrorist?