Went to talk to a lawyer today about how to set up and run a business in Spain.

There are two options. The right way and the
almost-right-but-a-lot-cheaper-and-a-lot-easier way. Now what am I to do? The way that can save me a lot of trouble, can also get me in a lot of trouble. The only difference is in being a webdevloper or being a hardware repairman but what the hell is the difference anyway. He is a
person, I am a person, he works, I work ... why does he get all the benefits?

I believe in doing the right thing but this raises, once again, the question of what is right. A thought I had in a yet unposted thought goes to says that the economy does not know right from wrong,
only black figures from red figures. The economy does not care about etics and fairness and so to assume black figures equals being right is
on the whole very wrong, even though this is what happens all over the world every day. The economy really doesn't know shit but numbers and there is more to life than numbers.

I would say that the same goes regarding tax laws ... but then again, maybe I am just trying to justify
my maybe-soon-to-be actions.