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Geeks are passionate people. We are curious. We are having fun in our own way. Our excessive passion grants us the geek label and our passion and curiosity drives us to dig further and further into our subjects, whatever it might be without any concern for profit. If you don't get it, perhaps you are just not smart enough and I urge you to try a little harder, because geeks will either save the world or destroy it. It all depends on how you treat them.

No geek is plain. Normal is weird. This is personal.

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    Change is coming. Soon.


    We get older. We gain new perspective. We have positive individual experiences. We collect more faaantastic stuff. We probably feel a bit richer in one way or another and all of this may leave us with the impression that things are generally getting better. That life is easier. But it isn't.

  • Questioning the Phillipines


    You can't be too obsessed with details out here. In fact, details doesn't appear to exist. If you order an omelet and get a sunny side up fried egg, just roll with it or prepare to wait another two hours to get an eggnog. You ordered something with egg, you got something with egg, you should be happy.

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