I'd stay home if I could
... but I can't

  • Filipino bureaucracy

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      • Dumaguete Immigration Office

    The immigration office was packed and processing time for visa extension is 5 days minimum, which means we'll have to get back here no earlier than Friday.

    We have decided to spend the next week on a nearby island, Siquijor, and we'll head there first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Airconditioned Dumaguete

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      • Nicanor Hotel, Dumaguete

    We have regained the exaggerated aircondition privileges of western civilization at the Nicanor hotel in Dumaguete. As too often, they overdo it and we are likely to fall ill in the vast change of temperature on each side of the door. I have no idea how 16 degrees inside temperature makes any kind of sense.

    The boat trip and following Jeepney ride went as planned and we're now heading to the local immigration office to apply for Gailis visa extension.

    Image: Local scenery

  • On to the sea

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      • Lilo-an ferry terminal

    Finally it started raining and we ended up getting a tricycle to take us the remaining part of the road to Lilo-an, on the southern tip of Cebu Island. It took us about an hour and a half.

    We are now going to cross the narrow strait of the Philippine Sea between Cebu and negros. It's a about a 30 minute sail with a small motor ferry.

  • Malabuyoc

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      • Malabuyoc

    We are now stuck halfway to Bato, because the bridge here has been flushed away by the flooding of the typhoon last week. We had to cross the temporary bridge on foot and await another bus on the other side. Busses runs Filipino schedule, which means it will likely (and hopefully) be here some time today.

    The local small shop at the temporary bus stop offers only one type of cold refreshments - Coca Cola - at the insane price of 8 pesos (15 cents).

    I am continuously shocked with the priority of Coke over water.

  • Leaving Moalboal

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      • Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

    We are about to leave Moalboal with our next destination being Dumaguete on Negros. The trip is supposed to be as follows: tricycle to Moalboal city, bus to Bato, tricycle to Lilo-an port, ferry to Sibulan on Negros and then finally a Jeepney to Dumaguete city center. This is a journey of about 80 km, and should be doable before nighttime.