I'd stay home if I could
... but I can't

  • Bantayan Island

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      • Sunday Flower Hotel, Santa Fe, Bantayan

    Arrived to Bantayan late yesterday and picked the first accommodation offers on the pier upon leaving the ferry. Curiously I have never experienced anyone quite as persistent as this guy during my stay on the Philippines - they are actually very modest and normally very quickly accepts a "no". Not this guy - and well, we needed a place to stay. Obviously it wasn't paradise hotel, though set directly on the beach. Staying at Islanders Paradise clearly makes one a little picky.

    As we woke up we ventured up the beach to find a replacement for the remaining days here. After a couple of misses, we found the Sunday Flower Hotel - and who can resist a name like that. Second floor room with ocean-side balcony for 1100 pesos (~20 EUR) a night.

    The plan is to stay here until Saturday and then head back to Cebu City.

    I have changed my travel plans a bit, and I'll go from Cebu to Ho Chi Minh on Sunday instead of Tuesday next week. Looking at this beach it kinda sucks, but it seems overly likely that I'll have to work with the Vietnam team most of next week and it makes sense to move closer to them just in case. It is also going to give me a bit more time to explore the Vietnamese way, which is the final leg of this journey.

    For now, I am plugged in on Bantayan, Filipino style.

    Image: The neighbor

    Image: The beach

  • Back in Cebu City

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      • Dragon Home Inn, Ceby City

    We checked in to the Dragon Hotel Inn for the night. On the last leg of the bus ride I received some both surprising and disturbing news from my employer back home. Without revealing too much, the consequence is another couple of hours of work tonight and a full day of high speed + stable internet required for most of the day tomorrow.

    So much for working from the road. It seems my plans might need an update. Though I shouldn't complain, hi-impact last-minute changes beyond your control sucks - especially when you are tired.

    I'm tired!

  • Ocean roar Vs. Bumpy roads

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      • Somewhere on Cebu Island

    After having watched the wind increase and the ocean roar louder and louder for a couple of hours from the Honeycomb cafe on the ocean front, we decided an all night ferry (Filipino style) wasn't such a good idea.

    Instead we caught the afternoon luxury bus, with Aircon and WiFi and we are now just past Moalboal on Cebu. This way the ferry ride was just a 45 minute crossing on the quiet side of Cebu, and though the ride is bumpy is seems a good choice.

    Note on luxury bus: WiFi works while bus is in terminal, Aircon means 19 degrees going for 16, a 5 seats across Filipino-size seat arrangement ... and that is most definitely luxurious by Filipino standards.

  • Rudolfo V. Jandoc, M.D.

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      • Silliman University Medical Center

    Just cleared the doctors office and the message was the same - except I was given some anti-inflammatory pills instead of leaves.

    Foot is improving but still painful and since I don't have any more leaves, I guess I do the pills for a few days.

    I only waited for about an hour before seeing the doctor - he looked a bit like Mr. Miyagi. Considering the crowds and the chaos in the Medical center reception, I think I somehow got priority treatment and I gladly paid the 400 pesos he asked for.

    The hospital was very clean and well air-conditioned, once you got past the reception. The few other patients I spoke to were happy with the standard and seemed quite amused with me bringing a twisted/dislocated toe to the doctor.

  • Off on new adventures

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      • Philippine Sea

    I left Siquijor with some reluctance. The Islanders Paradise is secluded and primitive, quiet and beautiful. Truly, life in the hammock on magical island, Siquijor, was sweet.

    We are now heading back to Dumaguete and a couple of days of full time work, combined with overnight traveling. I want to try a local hospital - partly to get a second opinion on my foot, partly to get a firsthand experience with the public health sector in the Philippines. Depending on how long it takes, we will proceed to Cebu City, taking an overnight ferry, and then from Cebu on to Bantanyan, a small island north west of Cebu Island.

    But first we'll have to get through this hour long roller-coaster ride, while doing a serious attempt at working on my laptop.